It’s been a heck of a ride! We are now closed for business.

Thank You, to all our guests.

Ten years ago we arrived as the new manager’s of Seven Devils Lodge.  The Lodge was known for some guided backcountry snowmobiling and had briefly operated for a summer or two as a summer destination and hunting outfit.  My wife and I were given the opportunity to turn the lodge into a year round destination.

We learned about the ranch operations and land, but more specifically, we became educated about the tourism industry and destinations in Idaho.   We soon learned we had to find our niche. While wearing all the hats (cooking,cleaning, marketing, managing, maintenance,) my wife and I had one son already and were blessed with two more boys in the first five years, all while trying to build a business.  I would make breakfast then head out with the guests for a day of adventure while my wife would come in after to clean up and start working on lunches and dinner. At the end of each day I would take the boys and she would serve up dinner. There were more times than once that she would be cooking with one baby in her belly and one on her back...good times.  

After five years of working to get things really rolling we decided it was time to take the next step and market specifically to what we could do~our niche.  We hired seasonal staff and became Seven Devils Lodge Guest Ranch and Guide Service. This was the start of our marketing brand identity and how we would stand out.  Idaho Tourism Department gave us great support along with other entities such as Southwest Idaho Travel Association. We had visitors from these groups to experience for themselves what we did and how we set ourselves apart from the typical “dude”/guest experience.

We have been turning away business over the last two years in both our summer and hunting seasons, exceeding capacity.  These two seasons in particular have grown with great success. We have had guests visit from all over the country and different parts of the world, such as South Africa, England, Italy, Scotland, Ireland, The Netherlands, and India.

The business has outgrown the facilities. It is hard to see something we have spent so much time, blood, sweat and tears building come to an end, but it’s time.  I have found when opportunities present themselves, it’s usually when you’re doing something right, when you’re firing on all cylinders. We have been given the opportunity to start a new chapter for our family and begin a new adventure.  

We want to thank the Hixon family for creating such an amazing experience for our boys to grow up and for the memories they will take with them. I want to thank the Hixons for the trust they had in me to build this great destination.  I was able to live the life of a mountain man and run a great business. I have made countless memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Thank you to all the guests who came through and stayed with us for a moment in their life. We had many laughs on the trail and sang many songs horseback. We sipped a good many whiskey drinks while sitting around the fire sharing our life stories of trials, tribulations and victories.  Thank you to the great hunters who came and spent their hard earned days on the mountain with me. We have some amazing stories to tell. I treated every hunt as though I was hunting with a buddy and they made for some great times I will never forget.

Thank you to the great staff members who worked hard, were dedicated and helped make this place special.  A special thanks to my right hand man, who for the last four years worked by my side, grinding out those seventy hour work weeks.  Adam, you are a gentleman, class act, and a warrior. You are my brother and my friend. I want to thank our families. If it hadn’t been for our parents helping out while we were adding to our family we would have never made it.  Thank you to my wife for helping me live out a dream of being in the mountains and building a business. You are an amazing person and a wonderful wife and mother. You are stronger than most realize and always brought a wonderful touch to the lodge that our guests longed for and always asked when you were going to come down and hang out.  

Seven Devils Lodge Guest Ranch and Guide Service is a huge part of who I am.  I will be losing a part of me I worked so hard for when I leave this place. But,  I will take with me some amazing stories to be shared with my family and friends in our next endeavor.  We love this place that has been our home for the last ten years. So long, 7 Devils.



Seven Devils Lodge

4043 Council Cuprum Road

Council, Idaho 83612

Phone: 208-253-3014