5 Reasons You Should Own an OWB Holster

You will be amazed at how well OWB holsters outclass other holsters, especially its closest counterpart, the IWB holster. As a gun owner, you should discern the genre of gun that suits you well. Many people refer to the OWB holster as an open carry instead of the traditional concealed carry we all know for firearms. We should, however, note the original purpose of a good holster, which is to protect one’s self from an accidental discharge from a handgun. Your OWB holster serves that purpose and a whole lot of other reasons why you should own one.

Here are 5 of the reasons why you should own an OWB holster;

  1. OWB holsters allow for easy draw

One of the main reasons why gun holders prefer OWB holsters over other holsters is the relief of drawing your firearm at any point in time. The same can’t be said for other holsters where there’s a high chance that the gun will be stuck onto your clothes or belt as the case may be.

On the other hand, for the OWB holsters, you quickly draw your guns smoothly and without reprise. Also, reholstering doesn’t pose much threat, unlike the IWB holster, which is kept near the body and complex re-holster.

Furthermore, in high-rise confrontations, the OWB holster helps maintain the much-needed line of sight to draw and re-holster your weapon with great confidence.

  • OWB holsters are like caution boards to miscreants

An armed OWB holster serves as a deterrent to probable criminal acts and makes it difficult for them to attack you. Most assailants observe the environment in which they choose to hit and project that there will be a low chance of resistance whatsoever, so when they sight you with your armed OWB holster, they’ll have a rethink.

As much as criminals have their weapons and have little or no fear in them, they will still be set back at seeing an ordinary person with an armed holster, much to the less of their chagrin. They’ll gladly jump into a gunfight with men of law enforcement agencies than a civilian who boldly carries their handgun outside the waistband.

  • OWB holsters offer great comfort

Generally, holsters are heavy and compactly designed with lots of patterns to serve as an excellent firearm carrier. OWB holsters are worn outside the waistband, and they are very comfortable. Most ranges and gun agencies have strict policies to having OWB holsters before granting you access.

The IWB counterparts are worn in between the body and the pants tightly secured by the gun belt. Although they’re the ideal holsters for concealed carry, their comfortability is no match for the OWB holsters. And if you don’t get the quality IWB made of Kydex and leather, you will be uncomfortable.

OWB holsters enable you to maintain your original clothing after acquisition; you don’t need to change your wardrobe searching for clothes that can accommodate your holsters.

  1. OWB holsters offer more variety in carrying technique

An OWB gives you a broad scope in retaining your firearm, majorly because it has more options to explore. Some of the three most famous practices employed to carry when in use of your OWB are as follows;

  • On the side hip

This is the most prevalent technique being used by OWB holster owners. It is a very straightforward style and easy to maintain, mainly because it is adjacent to your dominant hand at a vantage point for an easy draw and reholstering. In extreme cases, when you’re not thinking straight, this helps you get an easy grip on your handgun and prepare for the worst.

  • On the back hip

This technique is several inches to the back from your side, and it still affords you to get an easy grip to aim. It isn’t entirely adequate since it’s behind you, and it can be easily stolen from you while you’re out there, leaving you defenseless and in danger. On the bright side, it can be a practical concealed carry and can mislead your assailant, especially when you’re putting on clothing blocking it slightly.

  • On the cross draw hip

This technique is positioned diagonally from your dominant hand, which could be the left side for many and some, the right side of the hip.

This technique is unique and can confuse your assailant into trying to detect if you’re left-handed or right-handed. That can be a strength to you and a weakness to your assailant. But if your dominant hand is blocked, it becomes challenging to draw from the cross side hip.

  • Larger handguns are more suitable in OWB holsters

It is called an outside-waistband holster for a reason, and that reason is essential because it has enough space to accommodate more extensive and complicated handguns.

OWB holsters create a working environment for all sizes of handguns and their gears. The bigger the guns, the better. It helps save costs of buying smaller and more expensive firearms and leaving you with more money to buy other things like ammunition and footing the cost of training.

The OWB holsters are not restricted to gun sizes due to the amount of space they can afford and the variety of styles to carry them.

Guns have weight, and when you have to carry them around for an extended period, it becomes a burden rather than a defense system; OWB holsters feel weightless when you take them everywhere for a lengthy period.


Owning an OWB holster is a great way to conceal your weapon while still being able to move around comfortably. You can find one for just about any type of gun and you don’t have to break the bank when buying it either!