5 Tips For A Better Appendix Carry Holster

Knowledge about keeping weapons safe is essential as a gun owner. You can have your gun on you while still performing other necessary tasks. The different sizes, designs, and shapes of this security gadget has changed over time and helps keep weapons safe. With the assistance of innovative individuals different techniques to successfully handle weapons have been invented with no report of misfire or accident. From the various ideas of the appendix carry holster, which would be in this write-up, you can choose any best tip which suits.

What is an appendix carry holster?

You can use firearms for urgent security issues with the use of an appendix carry holster. It is like a wallet where you put your handgun. Most of the time, it is between the pocket or pant button. With this gadget, you need not be scared about being safe while also making you look classy and straightforward. People use appendix carry holsters for various personal reasons.

Sometimes, you might want to take a stroll and have your weapon on you but don’t want to go through the stress of wearing a shoulder or belly band holster. So, why don’t you try an appendix carry holster today?

With this gadget, all it requires is to put your gun in the appendix carry holster, and freely zoom to wherever you want without stress.

Tips to handle appendix carry holster comfortably

Below are some of the common tips you can follow if you plan to learn how to handle appendix carry holster better;

  1. Reverse cant

The simple meaning of this idea is you must ensure your holster is always in a safe position whenever you want to use your firearm. With the reverse cant idea, some gun experts have suggested carrying your arm in a 3 or 4 o’clock position. By doing this, you will notice your weapon is safely pointing down and quicker to pull. Whenever you plan to use your holster, always ensure to reverse cant.

  1. Ensure the wing is lock

The gun’s wing is the part that likely causes a misfire. Therefore, when you have your appendix carry holster on you, ensure your wing, either Modwing, RCS, or Darkwing, is always locked. By not doing this, you avoid a sort of misfire.

  1. Check the gun wedge

It is the wedge that makes it easy for all components of the weapon to click. If the wedge is safe, it makes it easy to holster the gun without any report of flagging the wearer’s body. The wedge also has a degree of comfort it adds to the gun user.

  1. Reduce buckle tightness

Some professionals said that to effectively use appendix carry holster, the arm owner must reduce buckle tightness. By doing this, you provide comfort for your waist while your weapon is still firmly with you. Although the type of trouser you wear also helps to determine if your buckle would not hook your gun.

  1. Use the adjustable ride height

Most handguns have this feature with fine adjustment. A good ride height helps conceal your weapon against misfire while also preventing others from pulling your gun. Whenever you want to buy an appendix carry holster, make sure it has adjustable ride height.

Is using an appendix carry holster dangerous?

Most individuals who use this holster type prefer it because it is simple and makes the wearer look classy. However, if you adhere to all the necessary safety precautions of using an appendix carry holster, you will enjoy the experience it provides. When you have proper training about handling firearm; you need not worry about this holster type danger.

Most arm wearers find it attractive because it is straightforward to wear and pulls quickly for urgent security tasks, unlike other holsters that would take time to unravel. Most security operatives who put their appendix carry holster at their front trouser confirm this helps conceal the weapon and makes it very easy to pull when required.

Can anyone use an appendix carry holster?

Well, as long as you have experience or knowledge about handling a firearm, you are qualified to use an appendix carry holster. This holster type is not specific to certain individuals with a particular body structure, texture, or height. Different individuals worldwide prefer this holster type compared to the other, and all of them do not have the same body structure.

Either you are skinny or chubby, you can demand your appendix carry holster today and get it to dispatch to any location of your choice. There are also various online avenues to check out different designs, shapes, and sizes of appendix carry holsters. Interestingly, they are durable and cheap, i.e., you enjoy a high-quality holster at a considerable price.

Which is better between an appendix carry holster and other gun concealment types?

Well, the best holster type is based on individual preference, experience, and the holster effectiveness. An interview with various holster users in the US has shown that most newbies and veterans of arms prefer appendix carry holster because it makes them look elegant and straightforward. You only need to learn how to handle a weapon and you will find the appendix carry holster very easy to use.

Although other holster types are also effective, using each depends on the person’s job or situation. Using the appendix carry holster, you earn the benefit of acquiring more knowledge about handling guns, shooting, and concealing weapons without being detected, among other numerous benefits. So if you are an arm’s-newbie or ex-security operative who would like to own a pistol soon for self-defense, consider the appendix carrying holster for concealing your weapon.


Having a holster that helps conceal your weapon is good, but using an appendix carry holster for keeping your handgun is better. With this holster, you can hide your gun on your body and enemy or opponent won’t have an idea. Getting this holster is not also tricky as there are different options for you to get this package at your doorstep. Most shooting practice newbies love this gadget because it makes them look smart despite its different design.