Horseback Riding at Seven Devils Lodge

When you come to Seven Devils Lodge Guest Ranch, you are in for far more than just nose to tail trail ride. With our history firmly entrenched in the western way of ranching, we carry our knowledge of true horsemanship to our guests each week. By the end of the week, you will likely have learned not only important information about tack and care of horses, but will be riding in the arena learning how to ask and why, on trail rides, riding cross country  and  witnessing training techniques like 'joining up'.  You might even swing a rope at the hot heels roping dummy, or join the cowboys on the OX Ranch for a day of cattle sorting or driving.

 We start a person from the ground up, getting to know the animal and communicating with them before you ever get on the horse. We share the techniques used by horse trainers which allow you to gain knowledge and understanding quickly. We love being out with the horses,  watching people have success and enjoying their time on horseback. Confidence is key to truly appreciating the time spent on horseback in country like this so we spend time fostering this.

Our wranglers are all trained in our horsemanship techniques and share similar values and appreciation for horses. D.R. Bledsoe, manager and guide, has worked with horses his whole life. He competed in rodeo at an early age and learned how to train horses from his dad. Having the opportunity to grow up around great horse trainers, he was able to gain knowledge of training techniques and cowboy ethics from their years of experience.

Seven Devils Lodge has been in the guest ranch business since 1998 but has become a year round destination since 2009 when D.R. and Teddi joined the operation. Guests who have visited many dude ranches across the nation have remarked on the authenticity of our horse program and how much skill and knowledge they gained in just one week here. We spend time allowing the guests to truly understand the horse they ride and learning how to effectively communicate with their horse. Learning is what makes life new and exciting. So when we go out and ride, not only are we spending time in some of the greatest country in the world, we are sharing the adventure and an understanding of the western way of life.
Seven Devils Lodge operates under a U.S. Forest Service
special use permit in the Payette National Forest.


Seven Devils Lodge

4043 Council Cuprum Road

Council, Idaho 83612

Phone: 208-253-3014