Tips for Concealed Carry While Camping


Camping outdoors with family and friends is a great way to connect with nature. You have the freedom to wander anywhere in the wild as long as you don’t get lost. For the cautious campers that re always worried about their safety, carrying a gun is a great ideal. After all, the wild is not the safest place to spend the night.

The first thing you need when carrying a gun while camping is a deep concealment holster. Federal laws nowadays allow persons that own a gun legally to carry then in National Parks. Carrying a gun with you in the wild makes one feel a lot safer. However, this might also cause various safety issues especially if camping with kids. You need to have the gun safe and secure at all times.

Our post looks at some tips for a safe concealed carry. We want to help fellow campers to have their guns with them without any incidents. Below, we share some crucial tips for a concealed carry while camping.

Bring With You the Right Concealed Carry Holster

Carrying the right holster is probably the best advice you can use. Remember you will be spending time outdoors doing various activities. You need a concealed carry holster with excellent retention. A good example is when hiking, belly band holster should be consider at one of the best method on this case, you obviously need a carry holster that stays in place. The ideal concealed carry holster must distribute pressure on all body parts and avoid digging in on the same spot. This way, you can run, hike, and fish without any issue.

A holster that secures your gun on the inside of your waistband is a great example for concealed carry. IWB holster must also come with an adjustable strap for a secure fit. Make sure you avoid concealed carry holsters that require one to wear bulky clothes. When the sun gets to the peak, you will not need that jacket over your body. Removing it also means showing off your firearm.

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Carry with you a firearm safe

Carrying with you a safe is one of the best ways to keep secure your gun. You might carry the gun on your body the entire day. However, you will not sleep with the gun. Have a secure safe where you can safely lock your gun.

 You’re not just going to leave your gun at the corner of the camping tent overnight! This is quite a risk, especially when camping with kids.  Make sure the safe stays close to you and have a flashlight near just in case you might need it. Your two-year-old baby waking up at night might want to check your gun out. Never take chances when it comes to the safe storage of your gun outdoors.

The same applies when you want to have a swim in the river or nearby water body. You don’t want to have your firearm unattended on the shore. Store it safely in the safe or have someone watch over it as you enjoy the waters.

In conclusion, the tips above will hopefully make concealed carrying easier and safer. Being outdoors is great but that does not mean leaving your gun behind. Make sure you choose the most suitable concealed carry holster and have the gun secure at all times.

Have the right caliber

Most people usually prefer the security and comfort of small calibers like the 9mm. However, you might have to re-think this, especially when camping outdoor. This is because bigger animals deserve bigger calibers. A good example is a bear which obviously needs a bigger caliber.

Whatever your choice caliber, make sure the gun you carry creates big wounds and gets the job done. You don’t want a beat rushing towards you even when hitting with a small 9mm caliber. Your safety is crucial out there hence the need to have the right caliber with you.

Check the state rules and regulations on concealed carry

Despite the federal laws that stating one can carry firearms into national parks and outdoor camping areas, you still need to check specific state rules and regulations. You still have to follow most state and local laws regarding concealed carry. In fact, the law only allowed for firearms in such areas but did not change their legal use.

You should not practice target shooting unless and the area is designated for such activities. You also need to practice firearm safety rules. Some states only allow concealed carry by licensed residents of the state only. In other states, guns are allowed but must be unloaded with the cases stored in the car or campsite.

Make sure you always double-check the state laws before carrying any weapon to a campsite. You don’t want to be arrested on a day that was for having fun with family and friends. A concealed carry is probably your best companion outdoors but one you must treat with care and caution.