Top 7 Essential Camping Tips for Hunting


Camping and hunting are two different things. However, the two come together in a unique way. Some hunters just carry their weapons and go hunting. However, we have hunters that set up a camp where they stay for a few days while hunting. Camping while hunting might mean carrying with your extra camping gear. However, the experience of camping while hunting is worth the extra gear.

You can imagine sitting around the campfire and cooking your kill with family and friends. However, hunting while camping is not that easy and one must make necessary preparations. There are several must-have camping gears since you will be spending the night outdoors. Below, we help discuss some essential camping tips for hunting every hunter must know. These tips will make your hunting trip a lot easier and enjoyable.

Get your weapons and certificate ready

You obviously need a weapon to hunt. The choice of the weapon is determined by the game you plan to hunt and sometimes just mere preference. Some hunters prefer powerful rifles while others prefer shot handguns. The use of bow and arrows is also common and one that is exciting. However, before using your weapon, make sure you attend a firearm safety course. There are several cases of accidental shots in the field. You don’t want to end with a bullet in your leg or accidentally shoot a hunting partner.

Once you have your weapon ready, make sure you also apply for a hunting license. Most states require a hunting license for you to hunt legally. This usually requires one to pass a hunter safety course.

Set up your camp further away from the hunting location

Unless you’re setting a deer blind, have your tent a safe distance from your hunting location. Most animals will stay away from anything that looks unnatural in the wild. You need the best rated camping tent set up a few miles from your hunting ground. This is an essential tip that will help you make a kill. The noise from the camping area and the smell of food and people will make animals stay away. It is worth noting that most animals are quite sensitive to unnatural smells in their habitats.

Carry a quality hunting knife

Most expert hunters will tell you a good hunting knife is quite important. The knife comes in handy on several occasions from safety to skinning your kill. There are instances where one needs to chop branches to get a good vantage point. In such cases, the camping knife comes in handy.

Make sure you choose a versatile hunting knife and one that is pretty easy to carry around with you. The knife can also double up as a weapon in cases where you have to fight off wild animals.

Carry sufficient food

 Some hunters might plan for their kill as part of their meal in the camp. However, that should not be the case as you’re not guaranteed a kill. It is important to carry enough food with you. The food should last you a few days in the wild. Some hunting like deer hunting can be tiring taking one several days before they can get their prized kill. You need to eat well in the morning but avoid complex meals in the morning.

Well-cooked meals should be reserved for dinner and not breakfast. This is because they can add unnecessary odors that might scare away the game. You need to have enough meals in the camp to get you through the hunting process. Make sure the camp is well-stocked with all the necessary amenities.

Carry unscented wet wipes

Wet wipes might appear unnecessary but come in handy especially when you’ve made a kill. You don’t want to be walking around in bloody hands after making a kill. Instead, make use of the wet wipes to clean your hands. The wipes are also crucial at cleaning your skinning knife and sanitizing it.

However, make sure the wipes are not scented as scents can always startle animals. Most wild animals can smell the scent from a distance and know there is someone in the area. This might make it more difficult for you to have a kill.

Safely lock weapons and other hunting equipment when not in use

This is a crucial safety measure, especially when camping with children. After a long day of hunting, you need to have your weapons safely locked. Carry with you a lockbox where you can store the weapon until the next day. You don’t want your kids playing with the weapon.

Hunting Apparel

Lastly, make sure you have the right hunting apparel with you. Let children wear orange reflective vests so that they stand out from other hunters. You don’t want to shoot or be shot at because someone mistook for some game.

In conclusion, hunting and camping are exciting outdoor activities families should do more often. You get to experience nature while getting your precious kill. The experience is more enjoyable with the necessary preparation. Make sure you implement our essential tips above for a wonderful day outdoors. You can also check out for some useful advices from camping experts out there.