How to Coyote Hunting at Night?

how to coyote hunting at night

Hunting at night is extremely challenging. This is the case, especially when dealing with a cunning predator like a coyote. Hunting coyotes at night requires learning the basic coyote hunting skills. You also need to have night vision goggles or night vision scope. This will not give you an edge over the coyote but at least put you in the same level.

This is because coyotes can see at least 10 times at night as better as man. Getting your night vision devices is a must for successful night coyote hunting. There are instances where you will need a thermal scope to detect the coyote in total darkness.

What makes coyotes thrive at night?

It is worth noting that coyotes are nocturnal animals and most active at night. Coyotes hunt best in the dark with good eyesight and a keen sense of smell in the dark. However, before you choose night vision scope or thermal scope, understand the use of artificial lights in hunting coyotes.

 Not all states allow the use of artificial lights when hunting coyotes. Some states only allow night hunting using a shotgun. You need to understand the various regulations of coyote hunting in your state.

How to hunt coyotes at night?

In this post, we show you how to plan and execute your coyote night hunting.

Get all necessary gear

The first towards safe and successful coyote night hunting is getting all necessary gear ready. The first and most important gear is a weapon of choice. You can use a shotgun, AR15, or .223 bolt-action rifles.  Basically, you need a power rifle strong enough to give a clean kill in the range of 50-80 yards.

Once you have the right weapon, get the right night vision gear. You’re not going to see any coyotes without a proper night vision scope. Here, there are three main choices to consider. You can choose night vision goggles which are excellent at scouting. Night vision scopes are a major consideration for all night hunting. A night vision scope for coyote hunting is also crucial for detecting, identifying, and precisely shooting your target.

If the night is too dark, you might need the best thermal imaging scopes to detect any temperature changes. Unless you have very high-resolution scopes, you might not identify your coyote accurately. For ethical and safety reasons, you don’t want to shoot without proper identification.

You can have a combination of these optical devices depending on what best works in your hunting area. However, remember to take into consideration the use of light in your state regulations.

Other important gears include the predator call and camouflage

You need the best coyote calls to lure this cunning predator your way.  We have electronic calls that imitate the sound of a dying animal. Coyotes are predators and always on the hunt of injured or dying animals.  You can also use hand calls depending on what best works for you.

Apart from calls, you want to remain hidden by wearing camouflage clothes. Get proper gear that not only protects you from the cold in the night but blends into the surroundings. Remember coyotes can clearly see at night.

Scout during the day

Once you have every gear set in place, you need to scout the hunt area during the day. You’re not going to find exceptional hunting spots in the dark. Look for areas where coyotes hunt and live during the day. Know the transition areas and edges where coyotes are likely going to pass.  You basically need to think like a predator and imagine places where you can get food. What places are coyotes likely to find rodents?

Note the wind direction

Coyotes have a keen sense of smell and can smell your scent from a distance.  You need to hunt on a crosswind or headwind to keep your scent away from the coyote. You need to avoid areas with a lot of light where you can easily be seen. Take advantage of your day scouting and hide in areas with small elevations.  Make sure there is no heavy foliage to block your beam of light.

Coyote hunting tactics at night

You can always start your search by looking for eye shine. The reflection of your light from the coyote’s eye can be seen at long distances. Once you’ve seen the light, you can use your night vision scope to positively identify the coyote. You can have a scope mounted weapon and a secondary optical device like night vision goggles.

Depending only on the weapon mounted scope can limit maneuverability and versatility.

Final thoughts

Legal coyote hunting is a great way to impact the predator population, harvest fur, and have fun with the hunt. However, coyote hunting requires proper planning and the right gears. Get a vantage point and have the patience for a successful coyote hunt.

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