Shooting Range

For those looking for afternoon adventures, the shooting ranges offer just that.  At the rifle/pistol and sporting clays range, we instruct proper firearm safety as well as how to properly hold a shotgun, pistol, or rifle while giving everyone the opportunity to learn.  Safety is foremost in importance so that everyone feels safe and comfortable being on the range.  We have had many first time shooters and before they know it they’re hitting clays or the center target.  With our pistol range we encourage guests to bring their own firearms.  This has been a great time for wives to get familiar with a pistol and have someone else besides their husband instruct them in safety, form/shooting techniques and the responsibility of owning a firearm.
Very popular, and new this past summer is our 3d archery range.  We use 30 lb recurve bows that are manageable for the novice to the experienced, including kids.  With big buck targets and large bag targets we have a 7 shot course designed to challenge even seasoned shooters, but allow the new comers to have a ball. For the truly enthusiastic archer, shooting matches can be arranged in the cool of the evening for a little friendly competition.


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